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Join the countless number of Primal Fitness athletes that have taken the leap to outperform their competition through ancient health traditions and technical skills.

Michael F, Triathlete

"I worked with James only twice and shaved 20 seconds off my 100 yard time. I'd been swimming for 5+ years as a triathlete and not seeing much gains. James immediately saw some issues with my stroke and helped me correct them. I can now swim much faster for the same effortHighly recommend."

Primal Fitness was founded with one goal in mind: connect athletes to their natural roots. Barefoot running, open water swimming, full body sun exposure, ancestral food practices, and functional strength training are just a few of the traditions we embody. Our purpose is reconnect the modern athlete to their primal nature. This starts by bringing our bodies back into alignment with nature itself and tapping into our highest potential by creating strong, grounded, and healthy athletes. We offer video analysis (swim and run), strength training, clinics, online plans, and much more. Find your tribe today!

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